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New trade law firm in Beijing
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Release time:2022-1-13


  • Project name | New trade law firm in Beijing
  • The project area | 6000㎡
  • Time for completion | In July 2021
  • The total package | 正品达(北京)建筑科技有限公司
  • Management company | Cb Richard Ellis
  • Lighting design | Wood sida lighting, sanxin red sun lighting
  • Intelligent design | Beijing huaxia wisdom and science and technology co., LTD
  • Furniture application | Hermanmiller, Dr ZuMingLi, Steelcase

Trade law firm as one of China’s top commercial law firm, has created a number of “first” and a landmark case, the most famous is design of VIE structures of founding, it has a far-reaching significance on China’s Internet development; And in 2012 China’s eight big red circle. In the firm’s 30th anniversary of the treaty to move office two Beijing CBD center of international trade, area for three floors, new office can accommodate more than 500 lawyers office.
Pleasure, authenticity of construction science and technology (Beijing) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “PPCG”) with Beijing optimal scene (PPCG strategic partners), interior design company to trade law firm Beijing CBD center two guomao 6000 ㎡ office space decoration design and construction. The project design idea is the result of firm have art collection. These art collection to leaf was designer provides a rare material, at the same time also brought challenges – how to decorate the artifacts in the office, and do not waste the use function of office space, make the two complementary form is clever.

On the space layout, will “gallery” into the reception area and meeting area. Different kinds of meeting room arrangement of strewn at random have send, increase the space of display function, at the same time presents a rich diversity of space. Out of the elevator hall, the first thing you encounter is artist Cai Lei sculpture “beyond freedom”. Sculpture clairvoyant feeling strong, line to extending into the distance, the image will opens the door to the golden. Enter the reception area, the medial wall two symmetrical paintings “currency war”, seemingly the same work, actually has a new an old subtle changes, let a space appear quiet and reveal a kind of invisible power. Into the meeting area, different forms of painting was decorated with space, atmosphere feeling like into the gallery.

Simulation on the color, the overall space art gallery light background, rich variety of artistic works. Especially big meeting outside the quadruple giant pictures “happy memories”, is the work of artists Zhu Jinshi. Thick paint texture, bright dazzling tonal intertwined, give a person a kind of clear, the feeling of joy.
The case design, material collocation is the only with color big meeting bice wood metope, it as an individual piece in the center of the space, let a space colour foils abound change and light color painting. As with shallow pink painting “prison break No. 1” the formation of strong color contrast, gives people a feeling of excitement and surprise.